• Coffee Can Do More

    100% of profits go to regeneration of bird habitat in Costa Rica

  • Single Estate Coffee

    Exclusive terrain and technique create standout coffees

  • Single Region Coffee

    Blending the best of a region to taste the place

Costa Rica Specialty Coffee

We source from across Costa Rica's growing regions. Whether you prefer the unique character of a single estate, or the best blend of a region, our coffees have earned their specialty status.

Coffee Farming Tradition

Coffee has been central to the identity of Costa Rica since the 1800s. The country now pioneers sustainable methods of cultivating and processing coffee, a new tradition your purchase supports.

Taste The Place

For such a small country, the variation of flavors across regions and across farms is remarkable. As you may have seen, it is beautiful terrain! The next best thing to visiting Costa Rica is tasting it.

Growing Regions

The mountainous, volcanic landscape has made Costa Rica one of the world’s top coffee-growing countries. Explore Costa Rica's eight growing regions. 

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Conservation and Beyond

Crist was featured on the Northstar Unplugged podcast episode discussing our conservation efforts in Costa Rica as well as our long history of sustainable tourism projects around the globe.

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Organikos is a Family Affair

Read our feature in Seasons Magazine to get to know our story and read about how coffee can do more!

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