Our Story

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Hi, I’m Seth Inman. On behalf of my family, thanks for visiting.

We moved to Costa Rica in 1996 thinking it was to be for one or two years. It became home for us, and remains so today, in large part because of the country's commitment to conservation. Also because of the quality of the coffee growing here. Earnings from our sales of this coffee allow us to invest in bird habitat regeneration.

What's in a name?

In ours, experience. Organikos is the transliteration of οργανικός—the Greek word for organic. We use it based on its meaning related to how growth or change can happen. We believe in gradual course correction based on what is learned along the way. We learned this between 1999 and 2019, when my family's work focused on creating opportunities to support conservation through travel choices.

Organikos is a family business.

My brother and I accompanied our parents to worksites in biodiversity hotspots, and we started birdwatching at a young age. We had our first experience harvesting coffee when they took us to a worksite in Nicaragua. By the time I was teenager a bond between birds and coffee farming started. When Organikos was first conceived, it was clearly to be a family business.

Birds & Coffee

For three of my college years I worked at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. A summer internship in 2011 amped up my birdwatching skills and provided a second coffee immersion. These intersecting interests created a pathway for opportunities I have been following ever since. In 2012 I lived on an organic coffee farm while working on a project for the Lab. I started working full time for La Paz Group in Costa Rica after graduation in 2014. More birds. More coffee.

Plan & Improvise

By the time I was accepted to graduate school, my family and I had a plan for Organikos. They would get it started while I gained new skills relevant to the mission. After graduation I take it over. And here we are. I will graduate in December. The head start in Costa Rica was valuable; the business that started in bricks and mortar is now delivering to homes and businesses in the USA. The regeneration has started with trees and coffee.  So, we hope you will support our mission and enjoy some of the best coffee in the world.